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Review: Nikolski

I am flummoxed, mystified, mildly frustrated after finishing Nicolas Dickner’s Nikolski. This is exactly how I felt after reading Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, and I don’t really like the feeling – like I’m missing something the rest of the world can see. But I also can’t escape the feeling that Dickner lead me … Continue reading

Review: The Firebird

I have been remiss. This review should actually have been written prior to the last, but The Fault in Our Stars caught and hooked me like a big trout, and I wrote the review immediately upon putting it down on the tear-soaked table in the Chicago airport cafeteria. That I was not compelled to write the … Continue reading

Review: The Fault in Our Stars

I think most bibliophiles are familiar with at least one book that has wrung them out completely, a sucker-punch to the gut, that leaves you feeling like a train-wreck. A book that touches our own experience so keenly that we can do nothing but plow through the story and feel the inexorable pull of the … Continue reading