Crap, Crap, and More Crap

ImageWell, I’m a full 2 books behind schedule and I seem to not be having any luck at all! After Nikolski I decided that I was going to reward myself with a nice easy read, so I picked up Robyn Carr’s ‘The Newcomer’ on sale at Kobo. I gave it 54 pages before I decided I couldn’t handle reading such drivel.


Then I picked up a book called ‘The Inn at Rose Harbour’ by Debbie Macomber. This one was a gift from my husband, in hopes that he could find me a possible alternative to my beloved Nora Roberts. That lasted until page 45 before I was rolling my eyes every other sentence. My problem is this: I love escapism, and I love a good romance. What I absolutely abhor is a poorly written book. I love Nora because she manages to write trash with class. Unfortunately, she’s irreplaceable.

In any case, after that disaster I decided to give up on a fluff read because it obviously wasn’t working for me, and go with an author I’d loved before – Column McCann, of “Let the Great World Spin” fame. Unfortunately, I’m about 80 pages in and  “Transatlantic” isn’t doing it for me either; the shifting narratives seem to be too much for me. I will persevere for the simple reason that I may never finish another book if I don’t – so, review to come. I will power through as quickly as I can – Lord help me!


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