The Frustrating Mathmatics of an Avid Reader

The Frustrating Mathmatics of an Avid Reader

At the request of my husband, I am trying to be financially responsible and quit buying so many books.

His logic: at minimum, a 50 book pledge x an average cost of $16 per book = $800. Which doesn’t account for the extra books I buy just by virtue of being in a bookstore, or the cute stationary and bookmarks, or the coffee I like to have when I’m browsing.

Unfortunately,as I’m sure we all do – I get reading moods. Sometimes I want to read something heavy, funny, thoughtful, romantic, fantastic or political – and other times I want nothing to do with that genre at that particular moment.

Which leaves my alternative – the library – and the holds system which inevitably needs to be used because none of the books I ever want seem to be available when I want them!

Then, I inevitably get *all* the holds at once and can’t read them quickly enough before I have to return them. *le sigh*

First world problems, eh?


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