Posted in January 2014

Review: The Fault in Our Stars

I think most bibliophiles are familiar with at least one book that has wrung them out completely, a sucker-punch to the gut, that leaves you feeling like a train-wreck. A book that touches our own experience so keenly that we can do nothing but plow through the story and feel the inexorable pull of the … Continue reading

Review: A House in the Sky

Well, I certainly can’t blame the weather for the fact that I’m behind in my reading! January has been blustery and frigid in a way that Toronto has not been in eons. And yet, I haven’t been able to curl up and hibernate this month – life has just been too busy! That being said, … Continue reading

Review: The Bone Season

At last, I have completed book one of my fifty book pledge. I’m nervous, as I’m already behind schedule. With 50 books to read, I have about 7 days to read each book, and only 14 days allowance. I will have to pick up the pace and earn some of that leeway back if I … Continue reading